"LOTUS BIRTH is an educational tool generous in resource and reference. It give us the who, the why, the how to, and the implications for humankind if we don't slowdown and make a radical paradigm shift. These people have!"

Binnie A Dansby, Author, Philosopher And Psychotherapist Specializing In Pre And Perinatal Psychology


"I was awestruck with your honesty, courage and strength when birthing your twins. Thankyou so much for sharing such intimate details of your life with a wider audience. You are a truly inspirational and amazing woman."

Jo Hunter, Coordinator of Homebirth Access Sydney (HAS) and Homebirth Australia


"I've seen the DVD about 5 times now and it's just fantastic. It should be required viewing for all pregnant couples and midwives & obstetricians."

Yvette Langmaid-Buttery


"It's the best birth movie I've seen. I recommend it to everyone."

Sunderai Felich, Dial-a-Doula